Accessibility statement

The website is designed to be accessible to all site visitors by customizing it in different ways, at the same time their experience is as positive as possible. Accessibility was based on self-assessment in accordance with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act.

Compliance level

The website is written in HTML5 and uses CSS3 Cascading Style Sheets to design web pages. The jQuery JavaScript library is used for interactions and certain functionalities. The operation and appearance of websites are tested in all popular older and newer browsers and on various devices and operating systems.

The website is designed to be accessible and user-friendly to all web visitors. It is made following the AA and AAA level guidelines for accessibility of online content according to the WCAG standard 2.1. (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1).  Websites are compliant with mid-level AA and upgraded with some high-level AAA requirements that further enhance the user experience for people with disabilities.

For compatibility of websites with assistive technologies and accessibility with devices such as screen readers, the website follows the guidelines of the (Web Accessibility Initiative – Assistive Rich Internet Applications). In the HTML code of web pages are added descriptions and attributes with additional information for dedicated applications. Examples are alternative texts for graphic elements, input field and button labels, etc.

Additional help in the form of hints for input fields, buttons and links is intended for less-skilled web users.

Accessibility features

Part of the site is a special tool that allows additional accessibility features of the site. It appears when you click on the accessibility icon in the lower right corner. It offers:

  • easy navigation with keys on the keyboard,
  • larger mouse pointer in white or black,
  • light and dark contrast,
  • display of colors in grays,
  • use of a standard font more suitable for people with dyslexia,
  • larger font size; bold,
  • highlighted links.

Keyboard shortcuts make it easier for visitors to use the site:

  • display accessibility options(Ctrl + U),
  • display sitemap (Ctrl + Alt + K),
  • jump to main content (Ctrl + Alt + V),
  • return to home page (Ctrl + Alt + D),
  • close pop-up / menu / menija (Esc),
  • shift the focus to the next item (Tab),
  • shift the focus to the previous item (Shift + Tab),
  • focus element confirmation (Enter),
  • highlighting/unmarking the focused element (Spacebar).

Possible improvements

The website uses JavaScript scripting language for normal operation, better-integrated user experience and greater security. Without proper browser support, navigation is difficult and displaying and sending web forms in pop-ups does not work.

If the CSS style template is not supported in the browser, all the information can still be accessed, but some content may be duplicate or redundant. The code of the web pages contains additional texts intended for display on screens of various sizes or appearing at certain campaigns.

Independence from JavaScript and CSS templates would mean a major change in the design and operation of the website.

Many WCAG and WAI-ARIA guidelines for improving website accessibility can be interpreted subjectively. Interpretations may also change over time.


We want to bring the site as close to users as possible. If you have trouble accessing any content or information on this site, or if you have feedback or suggestions for improvement, please contact us.